Welcome to Lone Star Medium


Thank you for visiting! After a brief hiatus of much needed rest and recuperation from energetic overload, I am again doing readings with new energy and upgrades! If you have visited before and still need help, please feel free to Contact Me and we’ll get started!

I am first and foremost an Energy Worker, but I have a long and rich history with most things paranormal, which are explained throughout this site.

With the new events taking place around the world and cosmos, I have been working on sharing as much as I know as the information comes to me, on other pages of this site, so it might look quite different from what you’re used to if you’ve visited or worked with me before. But, I still very much enjoy working with clients like you to help solve your problems or answer important questions.

Below is a small sampling of my services. Once you have decided on what you need, simply email me at Lonestarmediumlori@gmail.com.

I’ve spent most of my life reading energy for people, places and things, mostly at a distance. It’s not necessary for anyone or anything to be present for me to gather information. I connect with energy through a photo. Once I see a photo or image, I immediately begin receiving all available information – like a download. The reason for this is that I have always been able to tap into the frequency (vibration) of people, places, things and events from a very young age; it is a “normal” part of who I am.

Because so much information comes through during a reading, it’s important to narrow your questions down to specific events or problems, so you get the answers you seek. For example, let’s say Uncle Joe passed away and you want to know if he had a will or how he passed. Specific questions will give you specific answers, otherwise, he may show me the several times he won at the race track, or his bowel problems during childhood. Also, their personalities remain pretty much the same after they pass as they were in life, although most are happier and more vibrant.

If you need a building or space read, I can read the events of its past or the energies still residing in it.

I truly enjoy reading energy and no question is off limits. You’ll see that my fees are extremely reasonable. I do this more to help people than to make money, so please feel free to browse my services and select one (or more) that fit your needs.

Send your pic/image to me at lonestarmediumlori@gmail.com, along with your questions. Payments can be made via Zelle or ApplePay. Once you decide on your service(s), and after I have received your email, I will provide the payment information.

Thank you again for visiting and I look forward to working with you.

Please select the service that most closely fits your need. Below is only a small sampling of my services. If there is something you need and you don’t see it below, please Contact Me.

Each service is a flat rate of $20 unless otherwise stated.

Energy Correction – With a photo, I will connect with and correct discordant energy to help clear physical, mental or energetic issues. Sometimes the results are immediate, and other times it takes time to make the needed changes. I work to correct the energy of a person to “perfect for the person,” which takes into account a person’s life purpose, goals, health and any other related issues. This service includes up to three different sessions. They are performed at night so that the energy can work without the chaotic energy of the daytime activities interfering. Many of my clients have reported a deep sleep after their first session.

Three-Question Reading – A photo is required if the questions are about you personally, or of anyone about whom your question is regarding, including pets. This is how I connect with your/their energy and gather the answers you seek.

Health Reading – With your photo, I will access the energy of your physical body and perform a detailed reading on one body area, problem, or system. Please Contact me for full body readings in the event your physicians have not been able to diagnose your issues. I cannot, or legal reasons, “diagnose” your health concerns, but I can share with you what I see and point you to an appropriate specialist. Please send your photo to me at lonestarmediumlori@gmail.com.

Departed Loved One Reading – Three Questions (pets included)- Photo required. This works the same way. I will connect with your departed loved one, but please provide three specific questions. For 30-minute phone readings, please contact me; (price $40).

Life Purpose Reading Are you unsure of your purpose in this lifetime? I will provide information to help you make sense of what your purpose is in this life, potential career, family dynamics, and other burning concerns. I do not need a photo for this service. I do require your full birth date.

Detailed Soul’s Desire Reading This is an amazing reading. I need your full birth name, (as on your birth certificate). This reading reveals what your soul’s desire is for this lifetime and will help you discover the deepest aspects of your personality, your potential for wealth, and how to get there, and your quest for love and acceptance. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

This is something I truly enjoy doing. I need a photo or you or the person for whom this reading will be performed as well as a short statement about your biggest concern, question or problem. I do not draw cards like most other tarot readers. I feel it leaves too much to chance. Instead, I use a pendulum and dowse each card after connecting with your guides. I have not had a client yet who wasn’t completely happy with their reading.

Tarot Readings Three Cards – Past, Present, Future. Please provide a focus question or problem. ($20)

Tarot Reading Large Spread – Detailed reading. Please provide focus question or problem, ($40).

Don’t See A Service? Inquire on my Contact Page and if it is something I can help with, we can work something out.