Lone Star Medium


If you happened here because you were surfing the web, were referred here by a friend, or you’re a friend/family member, welcome! You’re meant to be here. Some part of you seeks to learn more about what’s out there, and how to access those deeper parts of the Universe that are latent within each of us. I invite you to peruse the site to learn a little more about who I am and what I do. If you have questions, comments, need advice or a reading, I’m just a click away.

If you’ve been here before, I’m so glad you’re back! However, as is typical with much of my life, there have been changes, upgrades, updates and an influx of so much more information over the past year. Lately, this new information has been downloading at lightning speed. So, don’t mind the changes you see here – it’s definitely different, but it is important for me to share what I’m learning, while also trying to continue to integrate what I already know, and hopefully create a cohesive mindset and informative content.

I encourage you to visit each page, follow this growing journey, and take (or leave) what you will. If you have had your own experiences along these lines, please share with me! I’ll have a dedicated page, (as stories start filtering in…), for your unique stories of the paranormal, close encounters or other strange experiences.

The world is undergoing massive changes in consciousness and spiritual evolution. Dreamers are dreaming, seers are seeing and intuitives are feeling these changes. This is my small role in helping to assist these changes to make our world a more enlightened place in which to learn and grow.

About Me:

I am, first and foremost, an Energy Worker, but I have a long and rich history with most things paranormal, including spirit communication, home clearing (haunting), energy manipulation and healing, (physical and energetic bodies), personal readings for guidance, (Tarot, 1:1 phone calls, or email readings), and so much more. Please visit Services for more information or to schedule your own reading.

As an Energy Worker, I am also connected to the strange events taking place around the world and cosmos. I have been working on sharing as much information as possible as it comes to me. Please check back often, because there will be regular updates and articles.

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