Thank you for visiting. There is a reason you’re here, whether you have a burning question, desperately need to hear from a departed loved one, have evasive health issues or simply need someone to listen.

Lori West is a natural-born psychic and medium with a compassionate heart and giving nature. She has worked with people like you all over the world, who have sought her out for help for one reason or another.

Below is just a sampling of what she offers. If you have a problem or concern that you don’t see listed below, visit her Store, or Contact Lori with your question or concern. She makes every effort to respond within one-to-two business days.

By understanding the purpose of your life, its obstacles and challenges, you can make choices specific to you!

A Life Path Report will show you the best ways to take care of your body, your perfect career field, and what you can expect from your relationships. This is the ultimate road map for your life! New Parents? Give yourself and your child the gift of clearing the road for a successful life with helps and hints to guide them along their path.

Sometimes, the most terrifying dreams are nothing more than your own subconscious mind trying to get you to face an important issue you’ve been dealing with. A Dream Interpretation will reveal what your dreams are telling you, so you can move past the problem and end the nightmares!

Plagued with nagging health issues that have evaded doctors and specialists? Consider a comprehensive Health and Wellness Reading. You will discover the true reasons behind your illnesses and how to get well, for good!

If you have lost a loved one, you know the pain of not being able to get answers to important questions, or be reassured that they made it safely to their destination. Perhaps you’ve been receiving signs and symbols, and wonder if your loved ones have something they want you to know? A Departed Loved One Reading can reconnect you to your special person and answer those burning questions. (Phone Readings Available on Request)

If you suspect you may be haunted, you’ve come to the right place. Houston Ghost Research is a team of paranormal specialists and mediums, and we can learn who or what is causing havoc in your home. In many cases, a peaceful resolution can solve the problem. In difficult circumstances, a more aggressive approach works. We work to include the homeowners in the cleansing of their homes, which gives them the power to reclaim their own space. If you are in need of an investigation, please contact us for a consultation.