The Miracle of Energy Correction

Throughout my lifelong career of being a psychic/medium and energy worker, I have pretty much exclusively only worked on other people – not so much on myself. I have always told myself that I was “too close to the situation” to do any work on my own body or energy. Sure, I could clear my home and living space of stagnant energy and work on my family members, but for some reason I was under the false assumption that I couldn’t work on myself. I had never tried, (with the exception of clearing my energy before I did readings on other people). I don’t know why it never dawned on me that I could work on my own energy until about a year ago.

I had always been pretty slender, but there comes that age when hormones go wonky and the body starts changing shape, and not in a good way. I stopped paying attention to what foods I put in my mouth. Exercise was just too uncomfortable to physically attempt, and given our hot and humid climate, this was also an excuse not to exercise. All that aside, I was quickly growing out of everything in my closet. My joints had become painful, my low back was hurting every night and day due to the added weight of my midsection. My blood pressure was spiking and dropping, and my cholesterol was through the roof. I was a ticking time bomb.

One evening while soaking in my bathtub, which was also shrinking around my body, I started feeling really depressed and helpless to do anything about my situation. But just then something inside me jumped to attention and screamed out, “Change Your Energy!” I felt myself becoming angry at how I had neglected my body. I was reminded of how easy it was to change the energy of other people and affect phenomenal changes in their lives, so why should I be excluded from the benefit of my own work?

I was then reminded of something I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book “Good-Bye Bumps,” about talking to the body to create healing. With my pendulum in hand, I held it over my body, central midsection (solar plexus chakra), and began willing my body to change its shape. I told my body it was to immediately begin releasing excess fat from its cells, dump unnecessary stored water, and to do this in a healthy and beneficial way. As the pendulum made wide, deliberate circles over my tummy I could feel it swirling under my skin and in my muscles and tissue. It was an odd sensation. When the pendulum stopped spinning, I thanked the Universe for the work being done and finished my bath without thinking anything more of my situation.

About three days later I was reading some social media posts and ran across one from my childhood friend, who was touting how she had lost 32 pounds over the course of about 4 months. She looked vibrant, happy and full of energy, and had recently been zip-lining, scuba diving and truly enjoying her life! Could this be real?

I immediately contacted her and she told me how she had done it. This ignited a monster in me and I began researching and learning everything I could about her “Ketogenic Lifestyle.” I started putting my newfound knowledge to use and within 10 days I had lost 7 pounds. I was ecstatic, but still doubted whether I could remove the rest.

I continue to do periodic energy corrections on my body and it continued on a journey of amazing transformation. Here I am, two years later and my body is completely different – because I made the choice to do an energy correction! The Universe responded by placing the means to achieve my goal on my direct path. I became aware of how wonderful is the love we receive from God/Universe, that we are important, and the only thing holding us back is our failure to ASK!

If you are in need of change in any area of your life, I would be honored to help you with an Energy Correction. Everyone I have helped has reported wonderful changes and you can, too! I’m ready to go to work for you if you’re ready to accept real change in any area of your life.

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  1. That is amazing. I have the same book and I read it to my son. He loves the illustrations. I didn’t actually appreciate the full message of the book until now, thanks for sharing. Congratulations on completely changing your body.

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