It Works!

I know I preach this all the time, but it’s only because I know it works! I’ve done this many, many times, and while there are sometimes delays when it takes a while for a desire to manifest, there are also those immediate results. And it’s exciting as you-know-what when you see the results of your efforts show up almost right in front of you!

To me, this lesson is just too easy and too important not to share (again).

I remember when I first learned about manifesting. It was during the time when The Secret came out in 2006, that I began wondering if this could happen to me, too. Almost as if the Universe was telling me there was an easier way, my close friend, Juanita Ott, author of “Dowse This Book Series” suggested this little book, “It Works,” . I read it with much enthusiasm and had high hope that it really would work!

I HAD to give it a shot!

One of the suggestions I was given was to write a check to the Universe and be thankful for the results even before they showed up. In fact, the Bible , Mark 11:24, says to ask whatever it is you desire, believe that you have already received it, and you’ll have it. When you believe that you have received it, usually there’s a lot of joy, happy emotions, excitement and maybe deep gratitude. These are some of the emotions that start the Universe spinning, weaving your desires into reality.

I was working a menial job in an office at the time, and really needed a bit more income. With that understanding, I asked for “$10,000 more a year,”  wrote the check payable to Universe in the amount of $10,000, and I put it in my wallet…and waited. I have to tell you, I was excited about the prospect of this increase of income!

It was probably a month later when I was contacted by a headhunter, (job recruiter), who offered me a supervisory position with a multi-specialty medical facility, which was not only closer to my home, but was something I knew I would enjoy, (and I did!). But the kicker, it paid exactly $10,000 more a year than what I was currently making. So, yes, I made the move.

Here’s the glitch – at almost exactly a year later, that job was no longer mine. The company folded and I found myself looking for another job. So, when I asked for “$10,000 more a year,” I got exactly that! The Universe follows our intent and our desires and appears to have a sense of humor, as well. So, when you plan to manifest your desires, be specific and don’t put limits on yourself. In this case, you literally get what you ask for.

Now I again find myself working toward abundance, (in whichever form that takes). When I dowsed the best way to achieve abundance, I was told to “Open Mind.” This wasn’t the first time I’ve been told to open my mind, but how? How do you open your mind when you don’t even know what is causing it to be closed? I wracked my brain, until I was offered an opportunity to learn a new way of manifesting – Wicca. I have taken this road in the past, and while I found it interesting, it really wasn’t something that I knew I would follow, long-term. So, it fell to the wayside. I know who I am and how I work, and I know my connection to the Universe, but what was blocking me?

I had an awakening last night. I have been looking at it all wrong! I rely almost entirely on my services and website for business, and with the pandemic, fires, Icepocalypse, etc, business has been down pretty much everywhere. And then I realized that abundance can come from anywhere, in any form. We only limit abundance by placing limits on how it can come to us and with what form it takes. Bazinga! Sometimes those limiting thoughts can be feelings that you don’t deserve to receive abundance, or that there are people more deserving, etc. I also came to understand that perhaps I was dealing with some old soul contracts that were holding back the abundance flood. So, I did some digging and found this beautiful set of instructions for freeing ourselves from past contracts and obligations – to truly Open the Mind.

“Place your hands over your heart area.  Say: ‘I ask my Higher Self to assist me, here and now. I call upon all fractal pieces of myself to come to this time, space and reality and assist me, here and now. I invoke my Higher Self now. I invoke my right to be a sovereign sentient being, here and now. I hereby break all contracts which do not serve my highest purpose, here and now”. I hereby release myself from all soul contracts which do not serve my highest purpose, here and now. I hereby forgive all of those who have willingly or unwilling deceived me into contracts which do not serve my Highest Purpose, here and now.”

“I hereby release myself from all Soul Contracts in all time lines, in all spaces and in all realities which do not serve my Highest Self, in all places and all time.  I hereby forgive all fractal pieces of Source who willingly or unwillingly deceived me in all my time, all my spaces and all my realities into Soul Contracts which do not serve my Highest Purpose. I hereby declare my commitment to Soul Contracts which I willingly made in awareness of me making for the purpose of my Highest Self.”

“I am grateful for this experience and all involved who brought me to this time, space, reality and awareness. I release all invocations back to their respective time, spaces and realities with love, gratitude, and light.”

Take a nice deep breath and feel the release.   This may be a good time to meditate again.  You will most likely feel free, new and just different. Enjoy this feeling. You’re remembering more of who you are.   I leave you in love and light.  – Gage

I invite you to join me in manifesting abundance by releasing your soul from past issues (as above), and by ASKING the Universe to provide you with (fill in the blank – but be specific) in whichever way it sees fit to deliver it to you. If your desire is to go on a cruise, don’t stress over how you will pay for it, but simply allow the Universe to provide the means and the way for you to go. Hold your thoughts and feelings of the joy of cruising in your heart and thoughts. Feel excited! Feel thrilled as you see yourself standing on deck, watching the ocean beneath you, and feeling the wind on your face. Do this often, and be thankful for the gift. Before you know it, it will happen. You’ll find a way to arrange it, be invited to join another group, or any other of a number of ways to realize your dream, whichever dreams my come. (Of course, it doesn’t have to be a cruise. That’s just my personal thrill.)

Lastly, get your hands on “It Works!”, follow the instructions, and don’t limit yourself! In no time, you’ll enjoy the rewards of asking and trusting the Universe to bless you in ways you’ve never dreamed!

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