Lessons From Sergeant Curd

I was recently contacted by my partner-in-crime and paranormal colleague, Bill Curd, who had been experiencing increased activity in his home. While he is quite gifted as a Medium, he also understands that it’s sometimes difficult to read for ourselves or our own personal paranormal issues. We as humans tend to have a lot of foreknowledge when we’re dealing with our own problems, which tends to cause us to doubt or question the information we get. So, he reached out to me to see if I could make sense of what was happening in his space. This entire encounter took place over texting.

He sent me pics of the inside of his home as I had requested, particularly where he had noticed the activity. I reviewed them to see if I could make a connection, (I did), and we began our session. I felt and saw a male presence, and asked Bill to shoot me a pic of his father, just to see if I was right. It was, indeed, his father. 

He was a very sweet man, and rather exaggerated in his gestures. I introduced myself, and then he bent over slightly, then put his hands together and said, “Well hello, My Dear.” I doubted whether this was actually Bill’s father, so I asked if this sounded like him. He confirmed, “You got him! He was always a gentleman to the ladies. ‘Hello, My Dear’ was a normal saying for him.” Lemme tell ya, I was floored at Bill’s confirmation. After all these years of talking to the departed, I’m still amazed at the information that comes through. 

I told Mr. Curd, “Well, thank you, Kind Sir,” and he did this little bow with his head turned slightly to the side. Again, so cute! I had only seen these kind of gestures a few times, and it was reminiscent of those folks who were theatrically trained. So, I asked Bill, “Was he in the theater when he was younger?” “He was…” Bill confirmed, “…and Clark Gable chose him to be his son in Gone With the Wind, but he was too shy.” Again – blown away. Just then I saw Mr. Curd snap his fingers as if to say, “Darn it! I missed out on that opportunity.” Bill confirmed that he had always regretted his decision not to take the part.

Now that were sure we had his father, I moved into the real purpose of our meeting. Bill wanted to know why his father was suddenly hanging around again after being MIA for so long. I asked him, and shared with Bill his answer: “He said he needs you just as much as you need him. He said you have missed him being around. He said he ‘hasn’t anywhere to go,’ and is happy to wait there for you to join him when it’s time. However, he’s shaking his finger back and forth as if to say, ‘But not just yet!'”

I continued with Bill, “Is your mom still here?” He stated that she was, and living in California. “She has a strong tie to him, and he can’t leave her like that. To him, she’s in the same physical space where you are in this moment. He can interact with the both of you at the same time, like you’re sitting in the same room together.” Well! This was a first for me. I have asked of my spirit friends several times over the years what it’s like “over there,” and everyone, so far, has been very tight-lipped. Even Mr. Curd wasn’t ready to share everything, but he did throw some tidbits our way regarding energy connections. 

Bill told his father he was very welcome to stay at his home, but his mother was very much needing to hear from him, too. And then Mr. Curd began explaining the dynamics of being without a body and how things work between their space and ours. “You see,” he started, “and I can’t say too much without getting my leash yanked, but we on this side of the veil are not held in place by matter,” something with which Bill and I were quite familiar.

In order to have a real conversation and unique opportunity for an experiment, I asked Bill to present his questions there where he was (without telling me), and I would share the answers as they came to me. I had no idea what he was asking, but just waited for Mr. Curd to start talking again. Bill would have to fill me in on the questions another time. At this, Mr. Curd began rubbing his hands together as if to say, “Intriguing.” He was ready to play. As I saw Mr. Curd, Bill and his mom, I realized this was the first time I had done a reading with three different people in three completely different locales, but still occupying the same space, as though they were in the same room together.

Bill texted to let me know he had asked his first question, but he did not share it with me until a couple of weeks later, when I began recounting this story for you today. (His question is further down at **)

The images and words began to flow. I began the translation, “He said she’s blocking him. Whenever he tries to communicate with her, move an object, whatever, she reasons it away. He says it’s like nothing he does is ever good enough for her to believe it’s really him. She’s making excuses.” Mr. Curd continued, “It’s not that hard and it doesn’t take a lot of energy, like those TV shows say.” (I assumed he was talking about paranormal investigation shows.) “The glass on the table, for instance, also exists here, and they’re so closely an energetic match that I can move my glass here and it affects your glass there. See?”

Addressing Bill’s mother, he continued, “I have tried talking [to her], but it’s that energy match. She has to be a match, too, and when she is feeling anxiety, depression, etc., we’re not a match and she can’t hear me. Believe me, it’s not for lack of trying. I can talk through the radio, but again, the FREQUENCY is very important. That’s a little trickier. And that’s why your folks use those scanning radios, (paranormal investigator reference), because they get bits and pieces of the frequencies of the people over here, but then the radio frequency changes and that person’s voice is lost, and another voice fragment is heard from someone else over here, and so on. Am I making any sense”, he asked of Bill.

**Bill replied, “Everything. It’s him.” A couple of weeks later, I learned Bill’s question: “Why haven’t you moved something for mom to let her know you’re with her?”

With feelings, images and words continuing to pour through me, I shared with Bill how excited his dad was to be able to talk so easily. I was transcribing as quickly as I could and hoping to accurately capture all of his nuances and gestures. Bill did ask me to wait a moment or two while he tried to contact his brother to see if he had any questions, and I saw Mr. Curd tapping his watch as if to say, “Time’s a wastin’.” Since Bill’s brother wasn’t reachable, Bill asked if his dad could mention something for Marc.

Mr. Curd shared with me that something was different with Marc’s hair, making fun of him in a way, and showed me that Marc had apparently gained some weight; Bill confirmed, “Yes.”  I felt that Marc was the sensitive one of the two, and tended to ‘blubber’ a little more frequently, that kind of sensitivity. Mr. Curd said, “Marc needs to suck it up and toughen up. Once he has more self confidence, he’ll be okay.” Mr. Curd then showed me a relationship issue with Marc – maybe a breakup or a problem with a stronger female companion or partner of some sort. Whatever it was, I saw that it had broken Marc and reinforced his already-damaged spirit. Bill confirmed it was Marc’s first marriage. 

The reading was winding down, and I could feel the energy connection beginning to wane. But, Mr. Curd had one more ace up his sleeve. And it was a doozie! He asked Bill to try radio frequency 0648, whatever that meant. I admitted I knew nothing about radios, and I was doubtful that this was even anything to get excited about, so I told Bill he was on his own with this one.

At that point, Mr. Curd was beginning to end the transmission. But, he said anytime I wanted to talk, he would be happy to meet again, and bowed out, waving his hand in a circular motion as he did, like he was getting ready to Exit Stage Left. 

Bill and I started to say our goodbyes and come down off that familiar high that only comes from exposure to such incredible spirit energy, when Mr. Curd added one more thing. This one was for me! He said the reason I can read people and places, and the reason I need pictures/photos to connect, is because my personal frequency tunes to that of the target, (image/photo/whatever), and not the other way around. I am unknowingly manipulating my own energy to match that of the person or place in the image! Mind Blown! I had thought it was the other way around, like plugging a wire into a socket to access the energy. What a fun and informative little tidbit!

At this point I was ready to put my phone down and unwind from this incredible session. Just then, Bill pops back in: “…0648 is a radio frequency spectrum used by The United States Marine Corps. DAD WAS A MARINE!

And on that note, “OORAH!”