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How It All Began

I’ve had an exciting and eventful life that has brought me to who I am today today – a full-blown psychic medium and channel for otherworldly beings, and past psionics expert. It didn’t happen overnight, so if you’re curious, here’s my far.

My story began at the age of about 18 months old, where I vividly recall what was probably my first intuitive experience. I was sitting underneath a wooden chair, upon which sat my paternal grandfather, with whom I was apparently very close. (I don’t recall, as he died just after this memory.) Across the room sat another man who wore a Dorfman hat (fuzzy winter hat with ear flaps), and a brown plaid coat. I can’t say why, but something struck me as wrong about that man. It must have made an impact if I can still remember him to this day.

At the age of about four, I can remember how much I wanted to just grow up so my feet could touch the floor while I sat on the sofa. One morning, while watching cartoons, I had my first clairsentient experience – I felt the floor brush my toes as my feet dangled from the sofa. In my excitement, I looked down to witness for myself that I had indeed grown, only to find that there was still about an inch of space between my toes and the floor. Again, that memory has stayed with me all these years and the experience eventually blossomed into an extraordinary ability to feel and manipulate energy.

At the age of six years old, I began experiencing clairvoyance or “remote viewing.” My first memory of this was when my family and I were close to being home from a ten-hour drive from Oregon to Southern California, after visiting family. I was antsy to get home and into my own bed. Out of curiosity, I closed my eyes and imagined myself hovering outside the car, as though I was riding on the roof, and I saw how close we were to home. I saw in my mind a familiar market approaching, where we would normally make a left turn. Just about that time, our car turned left. I continued watching in my mind’s eye and saw another turn coming up where we would turn right onto our street. I felt the car turn right. After that would be our driveway, a left turn. And yes, I felt the left turn and small bump into the driveway of our home. It felt so natural to me that I thought nothing of it. I continued using this ability well into my early twenties, and not just for traveling. I was able to see inside people’s bodies, inside buildings, etc. I didn’t realize this was abnormal until, in 1981 at the age of 21, I shared my experiences with a close friend and former CIA employee, who warned not to be too public with my abilities. He cautioned that there were government programs that used people like me as lab rats for psychic espionage. It scared me enough to put my talents on hold for a few years, until I felt safe in using them again.

At eight – everything changed. This was the beginning of who I am now. There are several stories and experiences I will be sharing as I recount recently-recovered memories of a life within a life and how it has affected who I am today.