Who Am I Really?

I have a long and rich history in “automatic writing,” which is basically channeling the information from other worlds or dimensions, etc. by using a keyboard. I used to use a pen and paper, but trying to decipher the chicken scratch that came through was a chore in and of itself, and it was really time-intensive. I switched to using a keyboard because I could capture the download of information much more quickly and accurately than handwriting. It’s pretty easy to read, once all the typos are fixed. I do my best to get all the information, but with my eyes closed it’s sometimes hit and miss with the keys. It’s still quicker and easier than writing it all by hand. All of the channeled messages in this blog will be recorded in this way.

My most recent conversation with the Other Side began with them telling me several times over several sessions to “OPEN MIND”. The message came via DOWSING, and I have to admit I was kind of floored. With all my woowooness, (talking to dead people, manifesting things into my reality, clearing energy, etc.), I considered myself to be pretty open. Apparently I was wrong. After a conversation with my Guides, I came to understand that all these things I was doing for people was nothing more than a distraction from my real purpose. According to them, I was “tinkering around.” So, I asked them to show me how to open my mind, to direct me to teachers and mentors, because I was doing all I knew how to do.

And then they began to answer.

The first thoughts and messages that trickled in were for me to Fall Deep into myself – try to access my original spark. They kept saying to “Go Deep.” This was the moment I saw/felt that we always were and we always will be. We are not these corporeal bodies, but eternal sparks of the One Source on a journey from our separation and eventual reunification with Source and its pure, perfect bliss.

As I was in communication with these beings I began seeing the slightest of twinkling stars – tiny lights swirling in my head. I tried not to interpret, as I end up getting distracted, so I just went with it and played more of an observer role. At this point I was reminded about my younger days when I did automatic writing. So, I opened my keyboard and a Word document, and waited for the information to flow. Here’s how it went down.

I asked: Who Am I Really? And from apparently me, these words flowed from my fingertips and onto the document. I chose to share this message with you, because I believe all of us struggle on some level with manifesting who we are or what we really want to do in this life. I hope this helps you understand your true self and how to create your desired life.

Initially, you are a particle of the Energy in all existence, (I call it Source). There is no beginning and there will be no end. You are part of the I Am, the Creation, the one and only Pure Energy of Grace.

The Beginning of life.

The Beginning of all that is.

“But then, aren’t we all that same energy?” I asked.

Yes. Tap into your origin, your beginning. Remember how it felt to be a creator, the creative process. Remember how it feels to breathe into existence the life you want. There is no trying. There is only creating. Allow, don’t force. Invite, don’t  try. Accept, don’t doubt. Let the joy of your soul create your deepest desires. So, you want to be more active with your mind business, (assuming they mean my psychic business). See for yourself that this is who you are. You have been able to tap into the force that is you, the force that is creation.

There is nothing you cannot create for yourself. But, there is much doubt that must be released.  You don’t even need to try to release the doubt. Just blow it into the energy that surrounds you to be turned into creative works. That’s all there is to it. There truly is no “try”.

You saw how well you manifested your new kitchen – you created it in your mind, you felt the joy, experienced the excitement of this kitchen as your reality – do the same with everything else you want in your experience. Your joy in imagining the end result is the key to the creation process.

And then they switched gears on me and began explaining our Earthly incarnation in these meat suits.

This experience won’t last- this playground. Make of it what you will while you are here.  Do you want to travel? Then breathe traveling into your existence. Money? Breathe it into your experiences. There is nothing you cannot create by simply relaxing and allowing the creative energy to flow forth from your breath.

We can’t say we made a mistake with creating vehicles for the souls, (bodies). This experience, this “incarnation” is a carnival ride of experiences. It is how the soul plays, experiences recreation, explores physical senses and emotions. Some of us enjoy a scarier ride than others, and some prefer to simply take in the beauty this plane has to offer. You chose to experience the thrill of creativity on a physical level, and tapped into your memories as a creator to access the energy that is you, in order to help other people. It’s a great experience, isn’t it?

Trust more in yourself that you are … you ARE. Forget you have a vehicle, (body), and remember that you create by breathing. Energy in/energy out. Not air…Energy.  You are all you need to be. 

UPDATE: Since this post was written, I realized I was still missing the mark on “Delving Deep.” Memories of past events needed to be unlocked. Please see my “Three Dreams” post for more information.

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