Three “Dreams” Part Two

Inside the Craft

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Venturing Outside The Room

It took me quite a while to recover memories of my workspace, and I have yet to recall my living space. I feel like it was a small area with nothing more than a bed and some sort of small toilet/washroom area, and maybe a closet. It’s all very vague, and unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

I did have the curiosity, however, to venture outside my work space, so I decided to try the door and see where it led. The door from the inside of my room was just as blank and sterile as all the walls. The outside of the door had a symbol comprised of three characters, which were (from left to right) a triangle, three horizontal wavy lines, and lastly a sideways W facing to the left. I don’t know what they mean or if they’re related to Egyptian hieroglyphics or something else. These are close to what I recall, and I’m unsure of the accuracy of the last one – the left-facing M or W. ?

My work on this second Twenty and Back, (we’ll get to the first twenty years as memories allow…), was more refined, in that I used highly-developed intuition in conjunction with third-eye vision, and was able to superimpose the psychic vision over my physical vision to be able to physically see (and feel) changes in frequencies or energy signatures anywhere in space or time. I worked closely with one very tall being, a Gray who, I believe was a high-ranking being, with a benevolent and understanding demeanor. To this day I continue to feel his presence around me and hear him (in my thoughts) encouraging me to live my life and enjoy this “break,” because I’ll soon be back to work. (“Soon” is a very broad term when you’re dealing with eternity.” I recently asked his name – it was never important before, because we had a constant connection. But he complied: “Fyab”, and is pronounced as more of a non-verbal sound (fhhhb) than an actual word. The image below is a close match, but the eyes did not have the black covers on them.

A little background before I get to the meat and potatoes of my “job”. The grays have a team of specialists who work with time. Time is really only applicable to us as humans – it really doesn’t exist in the cosmos. Everything is happening at once on multiple dimensions and innumerable timelines, and it can be changed and manipulated in the event of cataclysmic occurrences that would end up wiping out entire planet or universes. The Grays are instrumental in traveling to the time signature where the event originated, with the person or even thought that started the momentum which led to the event. They make minute changes in order to alter the course of “history” and avert catastrophic disasters. Here’s the kicker – MY job in all of this was to use my unique visual abilities to locate anomalies literally in time and space so the grays could intervene, when necessary, to prevent the event from ever occurring – like a reset. (As a matter of interest, if you want to check it out, see my Post on one of the times I died and instantly carried on in an almost identical scenario, so you get an idea of how time can be reset…).

I spent hours and hours scanning over images displayed on a 3-D screen, (it appeared to be floating in front of me, mid-air), that were assigned to me. Because he could see what I was also seeing, it was easy for him to begin the process of time correction. This sounds like a really important position, but I felt I was really nothing more than a souped-up bloodhound, but used vision instead of scent. And it was absolutely fascinating. I felt like my life had real purpose. But with such intense work, it was necessary to get out of my space and have a couple hours of free time, which is probably why my workspace was in such close proximity to the Recreation Area.

From where I stood and to my left about 15 feet was a door that was heavier/thicker than the one leading to my room, which was very light-weight in comparison. Behind this door was a large round recreational area that had what looked like heavyweight, thick canvas netting attached to the walls and were used for exercise/play time. The room, called an MGR as I recall, was a modified gravitational recreation space. It allowed us to climb the walls, and then jump from one side to the other without floating to the domed ceiling. There was just enough gravity to let us float a bit before descending onto the nets on the other side of the room. We used the open space between the nets to do back flips, somersaults, etc. It was a fun way to forget about the demands of the mission and blow off a little steam.

The images below may give you an idea of what the space resembled, but there are no actual images of that space that I can find. (The walls behind the net were gunmetal gray and smooth.)

I don’t recall seeing anyone else in the MGR with me, with the exception of one male, who seemed to be there as often as I was. He stood about 5’10” tall, had reddish-brown, thick, curly hair that grew to in length to cover his neck, which was unusual due to the military lifestyle these men lived. But, it’s just what I saw. I recall feeling comfortable around this man – there was an odd familiarity about him – but he was never inappropriate with me. He couldn’t be. I was under strict supervision/protection by my ET supervisor. As memories continue to surface, it is making more and more sense to me that the man in the MGR could very well be my current-life husband who, coincidentally, has a military history and affiliations with other non-disclosed organizations. He will not even discuss them with me, and I know better than to ask.

This is all I remember, so far about this room, but memories continue to pour in almost-nightly through my dreams and waking moments.

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