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As we zero in on this new age of change there are many others, like me, who are bringing messages and information to the world at large. Here you will find a treasure trove of various websites and informational series by professionals in their fields from all over the world. Education is the beginning of your awakening. Keep checking back for more disclosure articles and information.

Article 1: Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Declassified Document #ST-CS-01-169-72, Controlled Offensive Behavior – USSR July 1972

This document recounts events from the 1940s, and is undoubtedly my most treasured piece. I came across it many years ago as I was researching government involvement with experimentation on psychics and remote viewers. This document goes into much detail about world espionage using remote viewers and the Russians’ involvement in the study (and torture) of their subjects.

Article 2: Roswell Incident – Disc-shaped Craft or Weather Balloon?

I have attached this link to the FBI Records Department, which has a wealth of reports on this very subject. The initial cover-up was to tell people this craft was just a weather balloon. I remember it being on the news and my reaction at the time was, “Oh, a weather balloon. Case closed.” When in fact, the government went into great detail to write up a 900+ page report fabricating this weather balloon. And then I found This Link, in which the US Air Force admits there is more to the story than just weather balloons.

Article 3: Untold Story of Government UFO Cover-up (1940s)

I believe our ET friends have been at this disclosure project quite a long time and it has taken our pea-brains in the varying world governments to finally come clean and start letting We the People in on what’s really going on. Check this ARTICLE I found on our government’s attempt to hide early UFO evidence.

Article 4: Time Travel

Gosh, I love to dig! I found this beauty while researching time travel. Lo and behold I found a declassified government document discussing time travel entitled Analysis and Assessment Gateway Process. There are rumors (and photos) that Trump may actually be a time traveler, which would explain his wealth and nonchalant demeanor, as well as his charismatic appeal to those tho actually get to know Trump, the man and philanthropist, rather than the politician. Even if this is a hoax, which is very well could be, I still found it entertaining.