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On Telepathy

There are so many subjects ON which to focus, but telepathy is very important right now. To do this, forget you have eyes. Also forget you have a physical brain (computer).  This is a misdirection of how telepathy works – it’s a human description. Sending thoughts from the mind does not work as a Universal Language. Telepathy in the true meaning is the transference of energy from one source of energy to another: energy transference is the true telepathy. There is no spoken language. This was created because humans were cut off from the “ALL” energy beings and placed in unit containers called bodies – cut off from being able to communicate with the rest of the Universe, cut off from each other. Learn to open yourselves and transcend beyond your bodies. Use your FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, and MENTAL IMAGES TO COMMUNICATE. MOST IMPORTANT IS FEELINGS. Be very careful what feelings you emit; they are felt throughout the cosmos. Every feeling. Practice love, joy, happiness,contentment, satisfaction, and sway from the feelings that are harmful. They are not only harmful to your body and soul, but to the entire cosmos. You think you’re the only one being affected by your own thoughts and feelings – you are not. You are connected to ALL. And ALL feels everything you send out and everything you hold inside. There is nothing secret, nothing hidden – n o t h i n g. Be mindful of your thoughts. It’s not too late to change how you think, feel and transmit your feelings.


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