If you’ve never had an intuitive reading for yourself, you should. I have more than 40 years’ experience on all levels of psychic/intuitive readings. As a Remote Viewer, I can read the health of your physical body, determine if your home or property is haunted or energetically altered in some way. I can tap in to the energy of your loved ones, living in a physical body or not, and share information on health, feelings, emotions and their past, present or future in this life or other lifetimes. I am also an expert dowser, and use this skill when I draw tarot cards, so the cards I draw are not subject to my own energy or will – but from the Universe, which makes the readings that much more accurate.

Please Reach Out whether you need serious help or are just curious. I’m here for you without judgement and with a pure heart. I have listed a few of the services I provide below. If you have a concern which might not be addressed, please contact me and I will work with you to help answer your questions.

We gladly accept ApplePay, Zelle, Venmo, and CashApp. ALL SERVICES MUST BE PRE-PAID. (We will no longer accept offers of payment at a later date; all services must be paid in advance or at time of service). If, for any reason, we cannot make a connection or perform your reading, your payment will be refunded in full. Refunds will not be permitted after a services have been completed, (but, thankfully, this issue has never come up.) Thank you for understanding.

To Purchase a Reading, simply go to our Contact Page and let us know which reading you need. BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE SERVICE CODE NUMBER. It’s that simple! We will contact you if we need more information.

Each service is a flat rate of $20 unless otherwise stated. A PHOTO is required for each reading. This is how I make an energy connection, in which all information about a person, animal, place or object is stored.

CODE: 24183L1 – Energy Correction $20 – With a photo, I will connect with and correct discordant energy to help clear physical, mental or energetic issues. Sometimes the results are immediate, and other times it takes time to make the needed changes. I work to correct the energy of a person to “perfect for each person,” which takes into account a person’s life purpose, goals, health and any other related issues. This service includes up to three different sessions. They are performed at night so that the energy can work without the chaotic energy of the daytime activities interfering. Many of my clients have reported a deep sleep after their first session.

CODE: 24184L1Three-Question Reading $20 – Please email your three questions to me (with a photo of the person about whom the reading addresses) at No subject is off limits.

CODE: 24185L1Health ReadingOne area: $20; Full Body $50 – I have an extensive history of working with energy. I use Remote Viewing in conjunction with more than 35 years of medical exposure to literally see what’s going on with your body, inside and out. With your photo, I will access the energy of your physical body and perform a detailed reading on one body area or problem, or the full body system. Please Contact me for health/body readings in the event your physicians have not been able to diagnose your issues. I cannot, for legal reasons, “diagnose” your health concerns, but I can share with you what I see and point you to an appropriate specialist. Please send your photo to me at

CODE: 24186L1Departed Loved One Reading – Three Questions $20 (pets included)- Photo required. Since energy cannot be destroyed, the life events and feelings of your loved ones still exist on the energetic plane. I can access this energy through a photo to reconnect you with your loved one and open a dialogue for you. Readings are done by email ($20), or by appointment on the phone (30 minutes for $40).

(For email readings, please provide three specific questions; email to

CODE: 24187L1Life Purpose Reading$20 Are you unsure of your purpose in this lifetime? Are you stuck at an impasse, facing a career change, or questioning a current relationship? I can provide information to help you make sense of your purpose is in this life, potential career, family dynamics, and other burning concerns. I do not need a photo for this service. I do require your full birth date.

CODE: 24188L1Detailed Soul’s Desire Reading – $20 This is an amazing reading. You will be given a road map of your life, what your SOUL came here to accomplish. It will either put you on the right path or confirm that you’re headed in the right direction. This reading reveals what your soul’s desire is for this lifetime and will help you discover the deepest aspects of your personality, your potential for wealth, and how to get there, and your quest for love and acceptance. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. For this reading, I need your full birth name, (as on your birth certificate).

CODE: 24189L2Tarot Readings: $20 Three Cards; $30 Six Cards, $40 Full Spread 12 Cards (Year)

This is something I truly enjoy doing. I do not draw cards like most other tarot readers. I feel it leaves too much to chance. Instead, I use a pendulum and dowse each card, specific to you, after connecting with your guides. I have not had a client yet who wasn’t completely happy with their reading. For your tarot reading, please provide a photo of yourself or the person for whom this reading will be performed, as well as a short statement about your biggest concern, question or problem.

Don’t See A Service? Inquire on my Contact Page, and if it is something I can help with, we can work something out.