For any service offered, a photo is required in order to make an energetic connection. All readings are returned via email. Phone readings are available by appointment for an additional $10 per reading. To get started, simply select your reading choice, purchase through Paypal, (ApplePay and Zelle are available on request), and then email your photo and questions, (if required), to (Please review our Refund Policy at the bottom of this page.)

LSM Services


Energy Correction/Clearing – $75 The Energy Correction is the most sought-after service offered, due to the amazing benefits our clients have enjoyed as a result of this service. The work is always done in the evening, because an energy exchange takes place as stagnant, or non-beneficial, energy is cleared, (sent to Light for healing), and new, clean, compatible energy is introduced. In almost all cases, deep sleep is experienced on the first night of an energy clearing. Others have reported vivid dreams, restless sleep, physical sensations and other anomalies as a result of this energy work. But, ALL have reported improvement in their mental, physical or environmental lives.

In most cases, up to four sessions are required to gain maximum benefit from the Energy Correction, (included in this one price). While energy exchange does take place, please understand this is not a “healing” service, even though several clients have experienced healing benefits.

Three Question Reading $30 – Three questions answered on any subject of your choice, (with the exception of health-related questions; consider purchasing a Health and Wellness Report for all health questions). Please, no questions about the future more than six months out, as accuracy tends to wane with a more extended timeline, and the many variables that can change an outcome.

Health and Wellness Report – Full Body – $100 The Health and Wellness Reading is performed using Remote Viewing. Each body system will be meticulously examined and a full, detailed report of the findings will be emailed to you within one week after purchase. If you have an urgent problem, Contact us for an expedited response. Please provide any particular concerns you wish to be addressed, so special emphasis can be placed in this area of the reading.

Health and Wellness Report – One Area – $35 (as above).

Departed Loved One – $50 With a photo of your loved one, Lori will connect with their energy, where she will begin receiving images, emotions, memories and more. Find out what they wish to communicate, details about their personality and more! Feel free to include questions you wish to ask them. Phone readings by special request only. Extra fee applies. Contact Lori for details.

Past, Present or Future Life Reading – $50 Are you or is someone you know struggling and suffering with life issues that just don’t make sense? Are you stuck in a difficult relationship and can’t find a way out? Do you struggle with finances, even though you have a comfortable income, or do you find it difficult to land a job? Whatever your life struggle is, consider a Past Life Reading. Sometimes, understanding and letting go of the past will change your current life in ways you would never have imagined. Also available are Present Life Readings and Future Life Readings. Gain clarity on your current situation and find ways to clear the road, or take a peek at your future life so you can take action now to avoid having to repeat the same old lessons.

Dream Interpretation – $30 Do you have a recurring dream, nightmare or other perplexing issue you can’t seem to unravel? Once you understand the meaning of your dream, especially in recurring dreams, they usually do not return, because you finally got the message your subconscious has been trying to get you to understand. Once you have purchased your reading, email Lori the details of your dream for interpretation at

The Tarot Reading, ($10 for 3 Cards, and $50 for Larger Spreads – click on drop down menu above for pricing), is an amazing way in which to gain insight into a current problem, whether it be relationship, financial, health or problematic people in your life. Learn the reasons and the solutions to your problems and questions. We offer very basic one-card readings to extensive multiple-card draws, depending on your personal choice and situations. For questions on which would be best for your circumstance, Contact Us .

Life Path Report $25 – Birth Date Required. By understanding the purpose of your life, its obstacles and challenges, you can make choices along your path specific to you! A Life Path Report is based largely on numerology with uncanny accuracy, and will show you the best ways to take care of your body, your perfect career field, and what you can expect from your relationships. This is the ultimate road map for your life! New Parents? Give yourself and your child the gift of clearing the road for a successful life with helps and hints to guide them along their path.

MISSING PERSON READING – DONATION APPRECIATED The most difficult battle in life is losing someone, especially if they are missing. We have experience in locating missing people using Map Dowsing to locate their whereabouts and provide information to point you or the authorities in the right direction. We can also provide you with details of their reasons for going missing. Whatever the case, we’re here to help. We do not charge a fee for this service, but donations are welcomed, especially since much time and energy goes into locating a missing person.

If you do not see a service listed, please Contact Lori and request a service. Other available services include Tarot Reading, Past Life Readings, and more. Just ask!

We graciously accept Love Gifts and donations. If you have been the recipient of a gift reading/service and wish to express your thanks, know that we were blessed to be able to help. All donations are deeply appreciated.

REFUND POLICY: Because of the nature of these services, refunds are not offered. Every reading takes time and energy to perform. There may be those who disagree with a reading or don’t like the answers they receive, but each reading is still performed with the highest possible integrity. Refunds will only be extended with two exceptions: 1) Lori cannot connect with a person, place or event; 2) Lori experiences reservations about working with a client. As a psychic/medium, Lori picks up on the intent of the client before the work begins. While it is rare, there are those occasions where readings are declined due to a client’s intent to deceive, potential personality conflicts, or other concerns. In these circumstances, a full refund will be issued and the client advised via email.

Energy Correction Service: No guarantees are made for any changes or improvements in mental, physical or environmental status, (for liability reasons).