Below are just a sampling of the feedback I have received from wonderful people I have been blessed to help.

I had an immediate connection with this client. I look forward to working with him in the future.

After a fun and energetic departed loved one reading and a question about what her sister thought of her hookah pens idea, one of my sweet clients left this amazing feedback: “THE HOOKAH PENS!!!!!! Lori, when I tell you….if I had any doubt about you before (which I didn’t) but if I did, THIS WAS THE ONE ANSWER THAT proved that your gift is 100% REAL!!!! So, I recently bought a hookah pen because I like to casually smoke them and they taste good! So in smoking the about 2 weeks ago, I was like I wish there was a way that I could make these prettier and sparkly! As I am the girly-girl type! I love ALL THINGS glitz and glam!!! lol So the hookah pen that I bought is (JUST AS YOU DESCRIBED) a clear plastic cylinder shaped pen, slightly larger in diameter with the product in the center of the pen. Well I came up with an idea to BE-JEWEL them and sell them. When you sent me her response, it further confirmed that I was on the right track!

Sometimes, incredible healing takes place from the Energy Corrections I do: I didn’t want to write to you until I’d had a visit with my son.  Just wanted to say that we really appreciate your skill and caution regarding his care. He is seeing some improvement and was able to keep his commitment to our visit. He seemed calmer and had lost that wild look to his eyes. He was able to eat, converse and enjoy our time together. It was so good to visit, hug him and enjoy his company again. I don’t pretend to understand your gift or how it works but I’m so grateful to your commitment to our cause. Please know that your every effort is appreciated.

After a sad and painful Departed Loved One Reading: My brother has said basically everything you have told me about who my mother would have been. It’s amazing. You’ve helped me so much. You are an amazing healer.Thank you for opening up for my mother to come through. I know that can be very draining. So I can’t thank you enough.