Thank you so much for the reading, Lori. You were right about everything. You are truly a Blessing. May you and your Loves Ones Always be Blessed with Happiness, Love, and Abundances. Thank you again Lori. 🙂

Dream Interpretation: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading you did for my Mom. It honestly never entered my mind that the cause of these visions (dreams) could be stemming from deep-rooted “stuff” that my Mom needed to deal with. Mother’s “happy ending” is all credited to you, Lori.

After an Energy Correction (and recommendations to use Feng Shui to help correct negative energy and months of bad luck): “Today my landlord finally called me and I got some good news bout my rent. What a relief! Thank you so much from my heart! You are the best by far!

Energy Correction: Thank you so much Lori! I think I felt your clearing; I was shaking/vibrating a little. The energy was powerful!
I feel a whole lot better and happier today.

I had a reading with Lori and it was the most amazing, eye-opening, and the most beautiful gift that she, the guides & helpers, and Spirit gave me and I’m eternally grateful and thankful to them 💖 Thank you💖